Boat Motors

The Tallahassee Automobile Museum features a large collection of historic outboard and trolling motors.    The collection spans decades of boat motor engineering innovation and American manufacturing development.



The Amphion is the rarest of the 270+ antique outboard motors in the museum.  It is believed that the number of these 3-4 hp motors still existing is in the single digits.  The Milwaukee, Wisconsin based company was in business between 1915-1919.  This represents one of the earliest in-line, alternate-firing two cylinder outboards.


The Sweet is also rare as the Detroit, Michigan Company was only in business for 2 years, 1914-1916.  The outboard motor looks very similar to a Waterman Porto of the same era.  This similarity suggests some connection between the two “Motor City” companies.  The Sweet is a 4 hp, single/forward-pointing/horizontal-cylinder motor.


Above is a 1960 Mercury Quincy-Looper Class C Racing outboard motor.  This alcohol burning modified motor came in four sizes; the 30 cubic inch, shown here, was the second largest version.  This Quincy, Illinois Company only made these motors in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s.